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Dynamic Approach to Therapy


counselling sessions

(via telephone or virtual

if required)


At-home activities and work to support the process of the therapy

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Involvement of a family member or kin relative at a session to create a comprehensive counselling experience

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A medical or psychiatric referral in order to rule out any other possible contributing factors

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"Working together to cultivate your life"

At LRCG we are striving to change the face of counselling and assist individuals, couples, and families in attaining their self-determined goals by rejuvenating and restoring themselves and their relationships.


LRCG counsellors assist individuals, couples, and families to identify, acknowledge and work through issues that may be preventing growth or healing.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions via telephone, video or in office. These sessions seek to explore your individual goals to allow you to experience mental wellness and emotional stability.

Your therapist will support you in achieving a stronger sense of yourself through addressing your individual emotional needs. 

Couples Therapy

You and your partner may have had traumatic incidents occur such as infidelity, losses, or other major life events. Through therapy, your partnership can have the opportunity to thrive.

Your therapist can work with you to understand each other's needs and wants as well as learn to co-create a healthier relationship.

Family Therapy

Families often have complex relationships that require us to constantly evolve. Parents separating, blended families, or the loss of a loved one can be some of the difficult situations that lead to families becoming distant and feeling fractured.


Through therapy, your family can be supported through processing challenges together and attaining skills to continue learning and growing together.

Fees of Service

All LRCG clients receive a 20-30 minute free initial telephone consultation.

Fees are subject to change each year

(existing clients receive 2 months notice of fee increase) 

Individual Session



50 to 60


Couples Session

$120 - $180


50 to 60


Family Session

$150 and upward

depending on the amount of participants

and length of time.

Important Notes

  • Fees are due prior to the commencement of each session. 

  • Late payment can be subject to a late fee of $25

  • Social Work services are HST exempt.

  • Home visits have a $20 fee (available within 10 km of the office). A mileage rate also applies.

  • Any other services in excess of 15 minutes (i.e. report writing or contact with other professionals) will be billed at the usual hourly rate and will be discussed with you in advance.

  • Rates are subject to increase  each year.  Please speak to your counsellor regarding financial constraints.

  • LRCG counsellors require 24 hours notice of a cancelled appointment. Should sufficient notice not be provided, the full scheduled appointment fee will be charged

  • Sessions are considered missed after being late by 20 minutes. Missed sessions are considered cancelled without notice  . If recurrent, sessions will be marked missed after 15 minutes

  • Tentatively booked sessions are held for 24-48 hours after being offered 

***Please see the LRCG Client Welcome Package regarding forms of payment. ***

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