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Blackcy Placidass


Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist


Are things from the past coming back up to the surface?  Are your old ways of managing your feelings and thoughts not working anymore? Rest assured, counselling can be helpful to anyone at any point in their life. Blackcy is committed to providing you a safe, non-judgmental environment where this work can be done.


Blackcy is a registered Social Worker with a degree in psychology and sexuality. She has completed her Masters in Social Work and has a certificate in Addictions: Treatment and Prevention. She is also a qualified Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction facilitator. Blackcy has over 11 years of experience helping people like yourself to heal from what life throws their way.


Throughout Blackcy’s journey she has worked with individuals with mental health, addictions, at risk youth, chronic/complex health issues, homeless population, palliative, fertility issues and facilitated group workshops on various topics for youth and adults.


Blackcy strongly believes that finding a therapist that one can connect with, is a vital element in anyone’s healing journey. At this time, Blackcy is only offering phone and virtual appointments. 

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